Shared Space

As part of our Three Towns Travel scheme a modern new road layout has been introduced to increase safety.

A new 'Shared Space' layout has been introduced at Horseshoe Common. Work is well underway to create a similar layout at the approach to Boscombe Precinct.

The aim of the new layout is to create a safer and more pedestrian friendly environment for those who live, work and travel through the area.

Already proving effective in other towns and cities the new layout is based on a shared space concept. This aims to safely integrate all road users by reducing traffic speed and improving access for cyclists and pedestrians. 

The idea is to slow people down and encourage them to take additional care as there may be some uncertainty as to who has priority.

At Horseshoe Common and Boscombe Precinct this has seen:

  • The removal of road markings
  • Lower kerbs
  • Raised pedestrian crossing points
  • And the introduction of a Restricted parking zone

Motorists are advised to travel slowly and pay careful attention to pedestrians and cyclists. All road users have equal priority.

The new layout has been designed in accordance with guidance commissioned by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. It has also been developed in consultation with DOTS disability group, who specifically requested tactile paving.

More about restricted parking zones

As part of the improvements around Horseshoe Common, at the approach to Boscombe Precinct and Richmond Hill, restricted parking zones have been introduced.


Restricted parking zones are identified with entry signs only. Within the zone there are no yellow lines to indicate the restriction. No parking or loading is allowed in these zones unless there is clear signage and a marked bay to indicate where parking or loading is permitted.

The restrictions will help to ease congestion and maintain a steady traffic flow, whilst increasing the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians.