Our Strategy

Three Towns Travel is based on a number of aims which have been developed around
five key themes which will be rolled out across Bournemouth, Poole and

1) Enhancing low carbon travel choices

  • Bus - new bus lanes and bus priority measures
  • Walking - improved signage, lighting, surveillance, subways and crossings
  • Cycling - completion of the cycle network, improved facilities for cycle parking and cycle hire, as well as improved crossings for cyclists
  • Electric vehicles - more charging points

2) Network improvements

  • Physical improvements to bus, cycle and walking infrastructure on links, junctions and interchanges throughout the corridor
  • Traffic Signal Upgrades
  • New bus shelters at key locations incorporating an upgraded real time information (RTI) system.
  • Improved paving, seating and road markings at bus stops.

3) Improving integration

  • Upgrade of bus shelters and stops
  • Introduction of super stops at key locations
  • Cycle parking and hire facilities at the three train stations
  • Improved access to stations for walking and cycling

4) Enabling and influencing low carbon travel behaviour

  • Improved journey planning information such as real time information, and web based journey planning
  • Public transport information and marketing through travel awareness campaigns

5) Create thriving and attractive local areas

  • De-cluttering of street scenes including signage and enhancing local sites