November 2016 Braidley Road, Bourne Avenue, Avenue Road Improvement Scheme & Residential Disabled Bays

Friday 25th November (00:00) - Friday 16th December 2016 (23:59)

Two new road improvement schemes are currently out for consultation after many requests to improve the area. Sections of Avenue Road, Bourne Avenue and Braidley Road will be changed to improve safety and travel links to the town and around The Square. 

The schemes will create a safer and more attractive pedestrian environment for the people living, working and visiting this part of the town. 

During the planning stage, vehicles were recorded driving at speeds in excess of 40, 50 and even 60mph in this area.  A number of new raised crossing points will be added to improve key pedestrian and cycle routes to the central gardens and the town including a zebra crossing outside Tesco Metro.  The plans include reducing the speed limit to 20mph. 

Whilst undertaking the scheme, the removal of unnecessary street furniture and new road resurfacing will improve the visual attractiveness of the routes. 

Councillor Mike Greene, portfolio holder for Transport, Sustainability and Carbon Management, said: 

“We are consulting on plans that would make this busy area of the town centre more pedestrian and cycle friendly. The schemes will slow down traffic in the area and improve links between town centre and the gardens.” 


This consultation also contains separate proposals for new and amended residential disabled bays

Consultation closed