A338 details

Details of scheme elements and proposed plans 

A338 improvements consists of three elements

  • Improvements to the Blackwater Junction

There was often significant queuing at the existing Blackwater East Junction on the B3073. At peak times queuing also caused delays on the A338. Works have improved traffic flow and alleviated traffic congestion in the vicinity of Blackwater Junction, improving journey time reliability. Works at the East Junction completed in July 2018.

Further works at Blackwater West Junction will enhance the benefits here. Construction of the West Junction is programmed for Autumn 2019.

View the plans here.

  • A proposed new junction at Wessex Fields

The scheme also involves creating a new link directly from the A338 to connect with the Wessex Fields business park, enabling local people to access employment opportunities at Wessex Fields, and providing a second route into the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Funding is in place via the Dorset LEP BIG programme for the Half Junction (Phase 1).

A planning application for the full junction has been submitted.
Information is available here.

The full junction (Phase 2) is a future aspiration requiring further funding to be secured in order to proceed.

View the plans here:

View Phase 1

Impression of Phase 1 - 15 years  after completion:

web-A338 Visualisation_PHASE 1_Year 15

View Phase 2

Impression of Phase 1 & 2  - 15 years  after completion:

web-A338 Visualisation_PHASE 2_Year 15

View Phases 1 and 2

Impression of the view from Holdenhurst road - 15 years after completion.

web-A338 Photomontage_View from Holdenhurst Road_Year 15

Wessex Fields: Information for Pedestrians and cyclists:

The effect the proposed Wessex Fields Junction has on pedestrians and cyclists is an important consideration, for which proposals are underway as shown in these schematics.

Cycling and Pedestrians - Open and view pdf  

The proposed scheme would be constructed in two phases.  
During the first phase the existing footbridge would remain in place.  Riverside Avenue would become a more attractive option due to reduced traffic as Wessex Water will gain access from the proposed junction.
The section C-C gives an indication of the position and type of footpath and cyclepath proposed.
In the second phase the footbridge would be removed with walking and cycling facilities being provided on the proposed new bridge over the A338.  
Section B-B gives an indication of the facility that will be provided over the bridge.  On the West side of the junction options have been provided to avoid crossing the carriageway via a route at the bottom of the embankment. 

  • Possible widening between Blackwater and Cooper Dean

This scheme is currently on hold pending funding.
The Wessex Fields scheme allows for some additional widening with the provision of an extended slip on in the southbound direction.


When is each scheme proposed to take start and complete?

To find out which schemes are happening when, visit the blog. Here we will post information as it becomes available on the works schedule.


You can email the project team directly with feedback and scheme questions to A338Info@bournemouth.gov.uk 


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