Wallisdown Road West Improvement Scheme

The next phase of major improvement works on Wallisdown Road.

The next phase of major infrastructure improvements in the Wallisdown area will improve safety and encourage more people to walk or cycle in the area.

This scheme forms part of the wider Wallisdown Corridor improvements and will focus on the western part of Wallisdown Road, from Mountbatten Arms roundabout to Bryant Road Junction.  To minimise the impact on local residents and businesses, the scheme will be delivered in a number of phases.

These phases will:

  • Introduce new controlled crossings near Sunnymoor Road and reposition the existing crossings at Discovery Court and Canford Avenue
  • Install protected cycleways and footpaths along the majority of the route with priority across side roads
  • Improve the footpaths along the corridor and narrowing the side roads crossings to improve safety
  • Support bus travel with better stops, waiting areas, shelters and live passenger information points
  • Reduce the speed limit to 30mph, ensuring lower vehicle speeds and create a safer environment for all road users
  • Create a more attractive area for residents with tree planting and landscaping.

Initial preparatory works took place in October 2020. Works started in November 2020 on a section of the Wallisdown Road, from Mountbatten Arms to the western end of Benbow Crescent. This phase will last for approximately 6 months. At times this will require night working and road closures. 

The Wallisdown West improvements support BCP Council’s priorities for a greener and more sustainable environment. The improvements will encourage more people to choose healthier and more environmentally friendly travel options, by improving accessibility and safety.

You can see representations of the planned improvements in our visual exhibition.

Latest updates and information

Major infrastructure improvements are currently underway at Wallisdown Road. The current phase of the work requires a temporary 20mph speed limit due to the temporary nature of the carriageway to ensure the safety of  the travelling public and those working on site.

Last month, under a one-way closure, we completed works to install new kerbs and gullies on the southern side of the road. We are currently progressing with the installation of protected cycleways and footpaths, which will improve safety and encourage more sustainable journeys through the area. Once this is complete the carriageway will be resurfaced.

These works have seen some delays due to urgent utility repairs and the supply of construction materials. We have also prioritised keeping the road open in both directions to minimise disruption as restrictions have been lifted and traffic volumes have increased. We encourage you to consider walking or cycling whenever possible. We aim to complete this phase as soon as possible and before the busiest part of the summer period.


The scheme is part funded by a £1 million Local Growth Fund investment from Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (Dorset LEP) and by BCP Council.